A Visit to the Aquarium

Aquariums have collections just like museums, but theirs are full of living creatures! How are the animals cared for? Jon Nonnenmacher, the head Dive Safety

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You’re On A Roller Coaster!
Just like a regular train, a roller coaster is made up of cars that are hooked together in a line and roll along a track. But on a roller coaster, the ride is what counts, not where you go. Your heart pounds. Your stomach drops. You feel like you’re
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Fish that Fish
When people go fishing, they hook a worm or other bait on a pole and dangle it in the water. The bait lures passing fish who try to eat it and get hooked instead. Some fish go fishing too. Their fishing rods are on their heads. Bait wiggles from the
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Rosie Rides the Train
Hi, my name’s Rosie. I live in Chicago with my dad. Last week we rode a train home from visiting my Aunt Ruth in Washington, DC. It was a lo-o-o-ng ride. It took almost a whole day and night. Dad said he couldn’t sit up that long, so he got us a room