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From Lockdown to Love
Weird, eh? COVID, I mean. Sheltering-in-place, ordering everything in, the unnerving social interactions. The pandemic put a halt to our New Builds Issue, and it’s been eight months since we last connected. Man, are we glad to be back, full of fresh
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One Thing
Before you hire a woodworker, do your research. A background check would be smart, not for anything nefarious, of course, but to carefully consider their artistic past. See, many times, woodworkers supplement their earnings with, well, run-of-the-mil
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Design Accessories
Brothers Chris and Mark Siemicki agree: “Home is where the heart is.” The two opened 313 in their childhood abode to house their shared passion–fun and playful design-forward objects by cool international brands. Home accessories from Dusen Dusen, Mo