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erhaps one of the scariest things about hate is its insidious creep. If we’re willing to accept one prejudiced behavior, is it really all that difficult to accept the next one? “Name-calling and stereotyping can lead to dehumanizing, which can lead to discrimination,” says the Anti-Defamation League’s Jeremy Shaver. “That’s why it’s so important not

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The Bar Star
After managing restaurants from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., Angela Neri knows how to lead. And when running Pony Up, her two-year-old LoDo bar (and French dip destination), she bases all decisions on an equilateral triangle model she’s develop
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A Legacy Of Neglect
When John Hopper was growing up in Las Animas, his mother worked at the local hospital with a man named Emory Namura. Hopper heard people mention that Namura, an administrator, was a former resident of a nearby Japanese internment camp during World W
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Nowhere To Go
The hardships of experiencing homelessness are myriad and obvious, but the events of this past spring and summer have only served to exacerbate those difficulties. Set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing social unrest, extreme h