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Seeking Good Science

t all seems a little suspicious. A white van with no rear windows pulls up outside a house; there’s a lot of coming and going; maybe there’s a hint of cannabis in the air. But this isn’t some shady drug deal. It’s science—specifically, an observational study called PRISM, started by University of Colorado Boulder clinical and cognitive psychologist Cinnamon Bidwell in August 2018. The van is a mobile research lab devised by Bidwell

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Space Cowboy
On any given day, you might see fifth-generation farmers, hipsters, or—if you’re lucky—the Rolling Stones browsing the racks of Rockmount Ranch Wear. They flock to the LoDo store for a fashion icon: the original pearl snap shirt. Often imitated today
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In-Person Voting, Dead At 161
After more than a century as the most popular way to exercise democracy in Colorado, in-person voting in the Centennial State has died. (To be clear: Its ghost will linger in the form of some physical polling places for early and Election Day voting.
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Sip On This
Bordeaux- and Burgundy-style blends from Phil Long’s winery in California’s Livermore Valley region spotlight Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Established in 2016 by winemaker Jennifer McDonald, Jenny Dawn Cellars is the first urban winery in Wichi