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The Soviet advance into Berlin begins with four days of fighting against German defences at Seelow Heights. One million Soviet soldiers eventually overwhelm the German IX Army’s 110,000 men.


Shelling of Berlin starts and will continue until

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A Zulu Warrior
Equipped with a pointed blade, this spear was used to stab enemies from behind the large shield. A longer throwing spear called an assegai was also utilised. Shaka wasn’t averse to using firearms, but during his reign they were mostly useful for shoc
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The King-making Aunt
Having not taken a wife of his own, Shaka relied heavily on his extended family, particularly the women, to run key parts of his kingdom. His own mother, Nandi, was chief among these figures for much of his life, but of near equal importance was the
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The Past
Henry VIII was only 17 when he took to the throne in 1509. As a prince he was deemed to be athletic and highly intelligent, enjoying music and writing books. One of Henry’s constant obsessions was his desire to continue his dynasty through a male hei