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ell-educated and ambitious, Frances Willard soon saw an opportunity for wide-spread social reform campaigning in the WCTU. She told her followers to “do everything” and was famous

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Celtic Ruins
A large multivallate hillfort, Stonea Camp is one of only three of its kind still surviving in the area. Located on a small gravel island near March in the centre of the Cambridgeshire Fens, the site was fortified by an array of earth banks and ditch
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Celtic Leaders
A Galatian (a Celtic people) noblewoman and the wife of the chieftain of the Tectosagi, Chiomara’s tribe fought the Romans during the Galatian War. According to philosopher Plutarch, she was captured and raped by a Roman centurion, who then demanded
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The Beast’s Horns
One of the curious elements of Zulu battle tactics was the use of a formation known as the impondo zankomo, or The Beast’s Horns, sometimes also referred to popularly as the Bull’s Horns formation. The structure looks a little like the head of a bull