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28 JUNE 1098

01 Turkish Arrow Barrage

Hugh of Vermandois’ vanguard of Norman and Flemish troops emerges unopposed from the Bridge Gate on the west side of the city. A force of Seljuk light cavalry archers showers the crusaders with arrows. Holding their shields aloft to ward off the arrows, the crusaders scatter the Seljuk archers. They

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From Equals To Enslaved
It was German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel who once claimed that the continent of Africa was “no historical part of the world; it has no movement or development to exhibit”. This dismissal of the contribution of this entire region to the
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The Past
Following four years of civil war in China, the CCP took control. After the CCP’s formation in 1921, the massacre of many of its members by the nationalists in 1927 and years of tenuous partnerships with those same groups, the nationalists were force
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The Possibility
The leader of the KMT, Chiang Kai-shek immediately moved the government to Taiwan where he resumed his duties as President of the Republic of China. He consistently claimed sovereignty over all of China, as well as making preparations to retake the m