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Of the estimated 4 million men of non-white heritage who were mobilised during the First World War, the largest proportion came from India, totalling 1.5

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History’s 20 Greatest Hoaxes
The origin of the word ‘hoax’ comes from the verb ‘hocus’ as in ‘hocus pocus’, meaning magic, trickery and flimflam. It’s appropriate, then, that the masterminds behind the various hoaxes that have been committed throughout successive centuries have
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The Zulu Successors
The son of Senzangakhona’s sixth wife and half-brother of Shaka conspired to kill the Zulu king and take his place with the help of some of his other half-brothers. Without Shaka in charge, however, some of the small communities on the outer edges of
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Other Big Firsts
George Washington elected as the first president of the United States of America Alexander Twilight elected as the first African American in a state legislature, in Vermont John Tyler becomes the first vice-president to become president, replacing th