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1888 Born 28 April to Daniel Tull and Alice Elizabeth Palmer in Folkestone, Kent. Alice was from Kent originally, while Daniel was born in Barbados. Walter Tull’s paternal grandfather had been a slave.

1895 At age

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History’s 20 Greatest Hoaxes
The origin of the word ‘hoax’ comes from the verb ‘hocus’ as in ‘hocus pocus’, meaning magic, trickery and flimflam. It’s appropriate, then, that the masterminds behind the various hoaxes that have been committed throughout successive centuries have
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The Zulu Successors
The son of Senzangakhona’s sixth wife and half-brother of Shaka conspired to kill the Zulu king and take his place with the help of some of his other half-brothers. Without Shaka in charge, however, some of the small communities on the outer edges of
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The Possibility
While the evidence is slight and inconclusive, there are rumours that at one point Henry VIII became interested in making Catherine Willoughby his seventh wife. Willoughby was an English noblewoman born in 1519 and an outspoken supporter of the Refor