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01 Heading to battle

The Army of the Eastern Roman Emperor, Valens, marches north eight miles (almost 13 kilometres) from Adrianople (Edirne) along the modern Tundzha River, approaching the position of the modern village of Murtaçali. There, a vast wagon laager marks the Gothic position, its infantry drawn up inside.

02 Negotiations or playing for time?

Drawn out negotiations take place

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Pizan’s Patrons
John, a brother of King Charles V, received the first manuscript of Le Livre Du Chemine De Long Estude, a dream allegory with political and philosophical themes. She also dedicated her L’Épistre De La Prison De Vie Humaine to his daughter Marie, Duch
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History’s 20 Greatest Hoaxes
The origin of the word ‘hoax’ comes from the verb ‘hocus’ as in ‘hocus pocus’, meaning magic, trickery and flimflam. It’s appropriate, then, that the masterminds behind the various hoaxes that have been committed throughout successive centuries have
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The Zulu Successors
The son of Senzangakhona’s sixth wife and half-brother of Shaka conspired to kill the Zulu king and take his place with the help of some of his other half-brothers. Without Shaka in charge, however, some of the small communities on the outer edges of