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Potage Saint-Germain was a popular split pea soup at the court of Versailles. The nobility – including King Louis XIV himself – was obsessed with peas and Madame de Sévigné famously wrote, “The craze for peas continues; the impatience to eat them, to have eaten them,

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From Equals To Enslaved
It was German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel who once claimed that the continent of Africa was “no historical part of the world; it has no movement or development to exhibit”. This dismissal of the contribution of this entire region to the
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An exhaustive examination of the mystery surrounding the assassination of civil rights leader Malcolm X Creators Rachel Dretzin, Phil Bertelsen Distributor Netflix Released: Out now On 21 February 1965, Malcolm X was addressing the Organisation of
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I don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself thinking a lot about how we’re living right now in a moment that will be heavily studied, considered and examined by future generations. Between the global pandemic, the varied response to it around the w