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interested in learning more about the spy agencies of the 1970s, this is the book for you. Likewise, considering current affairs and the ongoing discussion regarding Russian

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Thoroughly Modern Women
Fighting for women’s rights in America Susan was born into a family of Quaker activists, and it was after she was banned from speaking at a temperance convention on account of her sex that Anthony decided to focus her efforts instead on women’s right
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An artillery shell, fired from one of the Prussian cannon atop the Heights of La Lune, roared through the air and slammed into a French ammunition cart near the windmill of Valmy at 2pm on 20 September 1792. The cart exploded into flames, sending a p
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The French queen-in-waiting
Margaret was only three years old when it was arranged that she would marry the future Charles VIII of France, who was then 13 years old. Such childhood betrothals amongst royalty were far from uncommon, with neither the bride nor groom involved in t