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Electromagnetic speed and distance log

e’re all familiar with the problems of fouling rendering the paddlewheel of speed and distance logs useless once the boat has been afloat for a few weeks. Until now alternatives have been prohibitively expensive, but that has changed with the latest product from NASA

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Nearly Run Down
In the spring of 2007, we took our 15m steel, single engined motor cruiser The Fat Lady on her first extended voyage. Having crossed the Channel, we left Cherbourg, bound for The River Seine, rolling and pitching in the sharp seas. From the forecast,
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Channel Hopping
■ There’s nothing like a bit of live music to raise crew morale on a long passage, or to forge new friendships with the locals in foreign ports. The crews of Sailing SV Delos and Sailing Uma can occasionally be seen entertaining each other on their u
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West Coast, Wales And Ireland
Small boats and yachts could be allowed into Barry Dock in South Wales. The Vale of Glamorgan Council and Associated British Ports (ABP), which owns the dock area, have commissioned The Marine Group to investigate the possibility of a marina at the s