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Okay, be wary of CBD oil – we’ve got it. But what other nutrition rules should we abide by in 2020?

Here are eight rules for the new year, James Morehen writes. 1 . Don’t try to lose weight by fasting. You need a plan to achieve your goals. 2 . Your breakfast should contain 20-40g of protein depending on bodyweight. 3 .

Consume a daily amount. Spread food intake over the day. . Start the day with water before any coffee. . Avoid caffeinated products in the late afternoon or evening. . Don’t dodge carbs – they’re important to grow, adapt and repair muscles. . Try to consume fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

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Age 28 (24 July 1992) Born Stockport Region Dragons Position Back-three Height 6ft Weight 14st 4lb Wales caps Three IT FELT like a lifetime ago, but already this season Jonah Holmes has scored four tries in one European fixture. And yet somehow somet