The English Garden

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Which have been the most satisfying projects you have worked on during your career?

You become immersed in each project and I’ve been lucky enough to work on only those things that I completely believed in. But having a smallholding – Franklin Farm, in Hampshire – with 4,000 trees on it and gradually tending that land

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Selected Suppliers
A range of antique and reproduction ornaments, fountains and planters. Tel: 01386 584414; Established in 1987, this is a large stockist of architectural salvage and various reclaimed materials, including bricks. Tel:
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Looking After Lilies
Plant lily bulbs in autumn or spring, at a depth three times the height of the bulb itself. Look for healthy bulbs with plump scales and no signs of disease. Plant them in groups of three for a nice-sized clump. Leave a gap between each bulb that’s
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True to FORM
Proportion, symmetry and balance are the hallmarks of Michael and Frances Dobson’s elegant Cotswold garden. Rising in a series of lawned terraces, divided by low walls and yew hedging, the walled garden perfectly complements the Grade II* listed Geor