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A beginner’s guide toMEDITATION


Go to a quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. A comfy chair will do. Sit down but don’t lie down, as it

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Woman & Home Feel Good You1 min gelesenPsychology
If You Only Do One Thing
Want to give your brain a boost? A recent study* revealed that completing puzzles uses a wide range of cognitive abilities and regularly enjoying a jigsaw could help to maintain these into old age. And the benefits don’t end there, as Sarah Stevens,
Woman & Home Feel Good You4 min gelesen
Longer, stronger HEALTHIER!
The hairdressing world loves a rule. It’s spring, so you’ll be lightening up your hair shade, they say. You’ve crossed into midlife territory, so you’ll be getting a bob, they say. Even styling is subject to blanket directives, the most recent must-h
Woman & Home Feel Good You4 min gelesenSelf-Improvement
Boost Your N.e.a.t
Low motivation and a lack of time are two of the most common reasons why we skip a workout, says research*. Sometimes life takes over and we can’t always make it to the gym. But what if there was another way to get the benefits of exercise – losing w