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When life gets tough, it’s natural to seek guidance, and that’s when a self-help book can really help.

“Often when we are ‘stuck’ with a problem or are unhappy, it’s because we have limited knowledge, too narrow a viewpoint or a lack of practical ideas on what to do next,” says Alexandra Lees, wellbeing coach and co-founder of wuweiwisdom.com. “Self-help books help overcome this by offering fresh and independent insights, and tools for change. They can broaden our perspective, motivate and inspire us.”

And while not everyone can afford the money or time to see a therapist, books are much more accessible.

“They allow you to go at your own pace,” says Alex. But, for even better benefits, it can be good to combine the two. “Unlike a talking therapist, self-help books can only offer general guidance rather than deep-dive into your particular personal situation. Books also can’t hold

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