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Whether it’s aromatherapy, investing in your diet and fitness routine, or simply running a bath as a way of carving out a little “me time”, there’s no denying the rising popularity of wellness. According to the latest statistics from the Global Wellness Institute, the industry is worth approximately £3.3 trillion – and it’s showing no sign of slowing. But why are we so drawn to the wellbeing wave?

A study from course directory found that 45% of British workers do little or nothing at all to relieve work stress. Couple that with the rise of technology and a faster pace of life, and it’s no wonder we want to retreat, hit pause and reassess our wellbeing. “It’s worrying how many people claim they don’t prioritise getting the stress relief that is so important for maintaining good mental health,” says Tom Batting, co-founder of Obby. Need to wind down? Here’s how people

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Health News
Antibiotics don’t just kill harmful bacteria, they also kill ‘good’ bacteria that lives in the gut. ‘This leads to a decrease in the diversity of bacteria, which is essential for many elements of our overall health,’ explains Dr Farooq Rahman, consul
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Beauty News
Nearly 30% of cosmetics contain polymers that are not just bad for the environment, but pose health risks too. Now you can check for nasties by scanning barcodes with the CodeCheck app – you’ll get a clear insight into a product’s ingredients to info