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Autumn J., age 7 Layton, Utah

The Feast

Oh, what a wonderful feast we’ll eat! Potatoes and gravy and corn so sweet.

Roast beef and rice, with flavors just right, A plate of rolls, what a wonderful sight.

A frosted chocolate

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The Goblin In The Synagogue Cellar
ONG AGO IN Eastern Europe, a synagogue stood in the center of a village. All the townspeople were proud of their fine synagogue, the biggest building for miles and miles around. One afternoon, the rabbi was leaving the synagogue to visit Mrs. Mosko
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It Came From The Trash
IT’S A BEAUTIFUL day for a walk in the woods. But as you turn down a bend in the path, you look up and see a gigantic face peering down at you. A troll! Don’t worry, it’s not going to eat you. It’s a sculpture by an artist named Thomas Dambo . . . an
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The Floppygoth
The Floppygoth is hungry and It’s you he wants to eat, From the jelly on your fingers to The crusties on your feet. He’ll slurp your innards through a straw, Like crackers, snap your bones. Perhaps he’ll chew on gizzard stew Then dine on eyes-cream