Kobe Bryant 1978-2020: A Tragic Death, A Lasting Legacy

ourtside as the Brooklyn Nets defeated the Atlanta Hawks on Dec. 21, Kobe Bryant regaled his daughter Gianna with what looked to be a running commentary on the play. At one point cameras caught the 13-year-old girl—a budding phenom herself in the sport her father dominated for 20 years—finishing his sentence with the wide, satisfied smile of a girl with WNBA dreams. “She’s ridiculously competitive,” Kobe told in 2018 about the second of his four daughters, “but when she’s not competing, she’s a sweetheart.” He relished how, when the duo were out together, Gigi, as her family called her, stood up to fans who insisted he needed a son to carry on his legacy. “She’s like, ‘Hey! I got this. We don’t need a boy for that,’” Kobe told Jimmy

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