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IT’S 5 A.M. AND FEBRUARY in northern Vermont. Virtually all of New England is asleep and cozy in their houses, wisps of wood smoke slipping from their chimneys.

But not us. Norm and Marcel and I are in a dimly lit basement, in line with a bunch of other groggy and disheveled men, all of us clutching bait buckets. A guy in a T-shirt is standing behind a table with a minnow dipper in his hand and a

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2020 Fishing Gear Guide
NOW THAT THE SEASON OF GIVING to others is over, it’s time to treat yourself. Spring is either here or just around the bend, depending on where you live, and you deserve some fresh lures, a new stick, and an outboard that doesn’t require divine inter
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Swim Team
THE THREE OF US RUSHED before dawn, flickering figures in headlamp beams, piling gear into Ralph’s 10-foot johnboat. Ralph and I had been chasing ducks up and down the shores of Lake Champlain for a decade or so, and we had a feeling about the Novemb
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1. The Road Trip from Hell Was Paved with Good Intentions
Twenty years later, I remember the silence inside the car as we retreated home. The radio was on, but the three of us were quiet, and had been for some time. Sunrise was a few hours away. Joe was half-asleep in the back of the minivan, and I rode sho