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FUNNY WHAT WE WILL GET USED TO PAYING ridiculous amounts of money for. First it was $100 flashlights, then $400 coolers, then $2,000 duck guns, and now it’s $30 to $50 for a box of five TSS turkey loads. Yet a $15 Mini Maglite still shows you the way; a $50 Coleman cooler keeps your drinks cold; and a $300 870 Express kills ducks. Naturally, then, you might wonder if you really are missing out by spending $10 for a box of turkey loads instead of $10 per shell.

Let’s get this out of the way: Yes, you are missing out—if killing turkeys from more than 50 yards

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Thanks, Bud
IT WAS THE VERY FIRST cast I ever made with a muskie fly. The 14-inch mass of bucktail, feathers, and flash smacked down a few feet from the bank of one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes like a teal that had tangled with Remington steel. Before I could bri
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The Company of Stars
BACK IN THE DAYS WHEN A fly rod was my compass, I rarely found myself in a position to contemplate the stars. Nor, on most trips, did I have anyone to share my slice of heaven under them with. I would fish until dark and crawl into my sleeping bag as