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NOW THAT THE SEASON OF GIVING to others is over, it’s time to treat yourself. Spring is either here or just around the bend, depending on where you live, and you deserve some fresh lures, a new stick, and an outboard that doesn’t require divine intervention to start. To help you splurge on all the right stuff, we’ve rounded up more than 40 of the coolest, smartest, most innovative pieces of fishing gear for 2020. And we’ve used it all, so we promise you’ll be treating yourself well.



You won’t catch any fish with this thing, but it’s certainly a great tool to have at camp when it’s time to cook your catch. Camp Chef gave a sleek new design to this light and portable two-burner stove in the company’s Mountain Series lineup. The Everest 2X has twin 20,000-Btu burners, and the matchless ignition will get both fired up in almost any conditions. The stove has more than 200 square inches of cooking space, which means you can crank out breakfast for you and a couple of friends and still be on the water in time for the morning hatch.

—Colin Kearns



AFTCO’s Reaper may look like just a regular sweatshirt, but it will take your hoodie game to the next level with fisherman-friendly features such as pocket closures and a cinch cord that keeps the hood in place. The fleece is stainresistant yet super soft. But the real kicker is a built-in ventilated face gaiter. Wear it up when it’s cold or while you’re driving the boat, then put it down once you’ve warmed up. The Reaper is now available in two camo patterns to complement the original solid colors.

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