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In the 1990s Jarvis Cocker gave us the advice to meet up in the year 2000 and that’s where I’m going today, by the fountain down the road…

In the pre-Brexit Britian of 1999, we weren't worried about what would happen when we left Europe, instead we were a worried about whether or not the ‘Millennium Bug’ was going to mean we all had to buy new microwaves come New Year's Day. Thankfully, it was all just a case of ‘Project Fear’!

Meanwhile, in the late 1990s Honda had been busy developing an all-new FireBlade which, in all fairness, was something they had to do, after Yamaha’s introduction of the a -conquering YZF-R1 in 1998.

There had been

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min gelesen
Win Tyres
Every month we’re giving away a pair of Bridgestone tyres to the writer of the best submitted letter we receive. You can choose between Bridgestone’s BT-016 Pros, BT-023s or BT-45s! No cash alternative, before you ask! Simply get in touch by sending
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min gelesen
996cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve, 90° V-twin, four-stroke 98x66mm 13.1:1 125bhp @ 8500rpm 77lb-ft @ 8000rpm 160mph Six speed, wet multi-plate clutch, chain drive Transistorised ignition 12v 187kg 1415mm 120/70x17, 190/50x17 17 litres ■
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min gelesen
Bimota SB8-R
It seemed natural for us to use this excuse to slip in a picture of the very exotic Bimota SB8-R in here this month. Why? Well, it was powered by a version of the Suzuki V-twin powerplant that also (in standard form) gave motive muscle to our cover s