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Filtration fun!

After sorting the contact breaker bits, I did need to dig a little deeper with the Yamaha TX750.

After removing the rather inaccessible and tiny auto-advance drive pin with forceps (Photo 1), I could take off the large circlip and that odd-shaped plate, then using a couple of 6mm screws, pull out the component underneath (Photo 2). The shaft for the contact breakers is actually an extension of the oil-pump drive and this component (called the rotor filter cover) stops oil from reaching the points – or is meant to – but it has been the subject of a Service News item. The old cover,

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min gelesen
249cc liquid-cooled four-stroke DOHC inline-four with 16 valves 40bhp @ 12,000rpm 19.2lb/ft @ 9500rpm 6-speed Chain Front: 38 mm right-way-up forks non adjustable Rear: twin shocks adjustable for pre load Front: single 320mm disk with twin piston sli
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min gelesen
Cadwell Cool!
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** Prize winner******
I love the band called ‘The Specials’, but hate the bikes that ‘are specials’! I’m sorry… but – while I’m not one of those that moans about non-OE stuff on bikes, I don’t like bikes made into something they’re clearly not. And that is precisely what