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The Marabi Club

It’s been just on a year since Katlego Mlambo left Cape Town to take over from Vusi Ndlovu as head chef of The Marabi Club in Joburg. Armed with endless ideas and fresh inspiration, he jumped into the job ready to shake things up and take the restaurant – loved by Joburgers for its superb food and live music – to even greater heights.

Katlego’s inaugural year,

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“I would like to fall face-first into the XL Cutie Pie (can we get these year-round please?).” – Katharine Pope “I want the big tin with all the Chuckles. For the simple reason that I think there can never be too many Chuckles.” – Jeanne Calitz
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Cook’s Tip:
“I love to eat this with a dollop of Woolies‘ guacamole and if I’m in a hurry I substitute the peppers and potatoes with a toasted wrap and fresh tomatoes.” – Hannah Lewry “The trick to chimichurri is to prepare it just before serving so the herbs d