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Hello Sailor

“Cult and slightly off-centre” is how owner Boško Popovac describes the playlist of his Cape Town rock ‘n roll bistro. “The music ranges from blues, swing and funk to punk and metal,” he says, adding that the soundtrack is influenced by a host of variables, including the time of day, the weather and how many diners there are at a given time. This means regulars might hear Cab Calloway and Django Reinhardt one day, and

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Go Nuts
The seeds of this groundnut are boiled and eaten as a pulse, ground into flour, and used as animal feed. They originated in Uganda, but are now available in South Africa via Local Village Foods and online at faithfultonature.co.za. Try them in boboti
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Pot Luck
“I enjoy roast peppers and used the larger amount, but half will do. A pack of chicken portions is great value, but chicken thighs would also work well – allow two per person. You could also use a butterflied chicken.” Serves 6 EASY GREAT VALUE Pre
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Cook’s Tip:
“After eating this dish at Momofuku in New York, I’ve come quite close to replicating the original fiery sauce. Eat it with chicken, pork, beef, duck and even eggs. Just make sure you have a jar of it at home, it keeps in the fridge for two weeks.” –