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“Tropical aromas, whiffs of green pepper and fynbos with flintiness and an attractive minerality, complemented by gooseberry tones and a crisp finish.”

Cue extensive eye-rolling. We’ve all heard similar descriptions at tasting rooms and dinner parties and wondered exactly what those people were drinking. It’s just a simple matter of wine in the glass, grape on the nose, alcohol on the palate, right?

Wrong. And please hear us out – the more wine you drink, the more you will start to detect familiar aromas

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Quick Fixes
Sweet cravings: Spiced popcorn mixed with Woolworths chia granola. Freezer finds: Make your own marbled smoothie popsicles using Woolworths mango passion crush, berry beet dash, apple cinnamon crush sachets and plain yoghurt. Banana bites: Slice ba
Woolworths TASTE1 min gelesen
Light Fantastic
Light wine is low in three things… kilojoules, alcohol and price – Woolies’ Light Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot are R52.99 a bottle and the Villiera MCC Light Brut just R134.99. INSIDER’S TIP … The award-winning Spier and Villiera wine estates in Stelle
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Cook’s Tip:
“This is really easy to make – it’s also light and fluffy, and the dates add natural sweetness. Keep a few slices in the freezer to toast for a mid-morning snack.” – Hannah Lewry “Frozen watermelon, or any fruit, is a lifesaver in my house on hot su