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1 For a whimsical meal and great coffee: THE GRAND EXOTIC

This Dolphin Coast hidden gem, which has quickly become popular as an events and wedding venue, is brought to you by the former owners of Antique Café, Sarah Owen and Curt Wolf. The magical venue, featuring old carved doors, antique trinkets and a fuchsia- and teal-hued exterior, is inspired by Sarah’s travels and would fit right. What to order? Single-origin coffee, tea served in silver teapots, and hot home-made scones are the drawcards here, but expect a plethora of colourful café eats served on dainty floral crockery.

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Things I love
I love ceramics and I’m a collector of SA works. I even have a plate by Hylton Nel. It’s an artwork, not for eating off. I would maybe eat out of it, but only me and then I would put it back on the wall! I infuse my own gins. I use a clear alcohol b
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A Mantra For All Seasons
Biting into a just-picked sun-ripened tomato at the right time is one of summer’s small – but great – joys. The same goes for the season’s best stone fruit and berries. Winter veg in soups and summer fruit in smoothies just feels natural. I feel like
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Go Nuts
The seeds of this groundnut are boiled and eaten as a pulse, ground into flour, and used as animal feed. They originated in Uganda, but are now available in South Africa via Local Village Foods and online at faithfultonature.co.za. Try them in boboti