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“The great thing about this recipe is that a lot of it can be made ahead, or at least with the help of your children or friends who have come over for dinner. My greatest secret to cooking for friends is to cook with them!”

Serves 4

EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 40 minutes Cooking: 20 minutes

For the chicken:
 free-range chicken breasts 4
buttermilk 1 cup
paprika 3 T
cayenne pepper 1 T
ground cumin 1 T
salt 1–2 T
flour 200 g
oil, for frying

For the waffles:

butter 80 g
Woolworths maas milk 1 cup
free-range eggs 3, separated
self-raising flour 250 g
bicarbonate of soda 1 t
salt 1 t
chives 2 t finely chopped

For the amasi

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