Aviation History


by Vladimir Kotelnikov, Casemate Publishers, 2018, $89.85.

More than 18,000 Allied aircraft were sent to the Soviet Union during World War II,

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Looking Up
Amid a year marked by an unceasing stream of bad news (“the year of disappointments,” as a colleague’s young daughter deemed it), some good news arrived with the successful SpaceX launch of two American astronauts to the International Space Station a
Aviation History2 min gelesen
Thunderbolts Triumphant
by Chris Bucholtz, Casemate, 2018, $37.95. Three quarters of a century after World War II, the U.S. Ninth Air Force still remains in the shadow of the “Mighty Eighth.” So does every other Army Air Forces organization from that era. But as the tactica
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Mystery Ship
Before Stout and Ford there was Hugo Junkers. Match the airplane to its characteristics. A. J.1 B. D.I C. CL.I D. F13 E. W33 F. W34 G. S36 H. Ki.20 I. Ju-52/1m J. Ju-52/3m 1. Two-seat attack monoplane at end of World War I 2. Single-engine Canadian b