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Baked pasta dishes are always popular at our house. They’re delicious and easy to make ahead. When preparing any noodle dish, such as macaroni, lasagna, or ziti, I don’t boil the noodles first. The night before, I make the sauce, stir in the noodles, then cover

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Cuisine At Home
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I have to admit, I don't keep food-safe rulers in my kitchen. One Christmas while making diamond-shaped shortbread cookies to give as gifts, I turned to my cooling rack. I flipped it upside down (so the feet were up and not pressing into the dough) a
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Every year at the holidays, despite all the planning, something regarding the food is bound to go wrong ... it can't be just us, right? We know we have a few stories to tell, but we want to know what your most memorable holiday food mishap is. Share