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say buh-bye to the (naturally) BURN

ccasional heartburn is no real biggie. It happens to just about everyone; it could simply be a sign you overdid it at the all-you-can-eat buffet. But, if heartburn is messing with your mojo on the regular, it’s a sign you need

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Heavenly Hydrangeas
If the last year has taught us anything, it’s the need to practice slowing down. And this wallhanging will help you do just that. Raw linen is slow-stitched for the background while hydrangeas in Liberty print add texture for a perfectly imperfect pi
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How To SAVE On A Reno
Just as you spend time researching and selecting the right materials and designs, according to Effie Zahos in her new book, Ditch the Debt and Get Rich (Are Media, $29.99), it’s essential to choose the right tradespeople. “Don’t just go for the lowes
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General Instructions
alt = alternate; approx. = approximately; beg = begin/ning; cont = continue; dec = decrease/decreasing; foll/s = follows/following; garter st = every row knit; inc = increase/increasing; incl = including/inclusive; K = knit; P = purl; patt = pattern;