or the most part today, we consider magic incompatible with our scientific understanding of the world around us. For many past cultures, though, their relationship with the supernatural was deeply entwined with their understanding of the natural world.

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Protecting Heritage
I write to you in this issue as an advocate for the protection of archaeological sites from theft and desecration. I know you as ARCHAEOLOGY readers share my interest and passion for the preservation of the world’s heritage. The year 2020 marked the
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Our Favorite Things
We know we aren’t supposed to pick favorites, whether among children, pets, or articles in the magazine, but we have to admit that it would be hard for a team of editors not to love “Formatting Bronze Age Tablets,” which appears in this issue’s Digs
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Mummification Workshop
Mummification is among the best-known religious practices of the ancient Egyptians, yet apart from a few textual descriptions and tomb paintings, very little is known about the facilities where this process took place. That changed when archaeologist