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The internet is a great platform for showing off images, and it gives access to a massive audience of like-minded photographers and potential clients. The options for websites and portfolios are constantly growing, which gives more opportunities to spread the word about images, areas of expertise and style.

However, alongside this exposure is the continual threat of copyright infringement and image theft.

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Digital Photographer1 min gelesenInternet & Web
Why Join A Photo Community?
Social media can be a polarising topic, but Ellis is sure that he wouldn’t be where he is now with his photography without the online community side of things. “It’s only since becoming part of the IGERs community that I’ve started to take [photograp
Digital Photographer1 min gelesen
On Set With Downton Abbey
“When I went and did a Downton Abbey shoot, The Mail had gone to great effort to get me onto the set. I shot a few pictures, and then they wrapped for the day after months of preparation, and I was left with just a handful of pictures. At that point,
Digital Photographer1 min gelesenPerforming Arts
Choose A Frame Rate
Every video is made up of a sequence of frames played at speed. Choosing 24fps gives a cinematic look, while 25fps is the standard playback option in territories using the PAL format, like Europe. 30fps is used in NTSC territories (such as North Amer