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pin is not about untruth, it’s about my bias. I view journalism as a noble profession, so I feel a responsibility to come to journalists with credibility, facts, and data. But, of course, I also come with a bias for my company. The way I work, the

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Stories Worth Sharing
DRIVING ACROSS THE BAY Bridge from the San Francisco airport to my childhood home, in East Oakland, I can see cranes moving cargo containers. I get on the 580 freeway, which divides the city. To the west are the Oakland Hills, where the wealthy live;
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Our Polling Trauma
THE BRAIN LEARNS IN different ways. Mastering French verbs requires repetition. A single distressing experience, however, can impart a lasting lesson in moments; a car crash survivor, for instance, might come away with a deep fear of riding in cars.
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Layoff Season
For years, the journalism industry has been in financial decline. In March, when the coronavirus pandemic shot through the United States, business imploded. Reporters lost their jobs at an alarming rate; some outlets folded entirely. All through the