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‘Is It Journalism?’

It’s hard for me to believe much of anything that’s on TV or in the news. I guess there is some

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Columbia Journalism Review12 min gelesenAmerican Government
The Police Brutality Crisis
Prior to May 25—the day Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, killed George Floyd, a Black man, while three other cops looked on—“Defund the Police” was not a message widely repeated in the press. But after that day, it was impossible to ignore. Pro
Columbia Journalism Review1 min gelesenAmerican Government
Zach Montellaro
My focus has shifted. The election is still incredibly important, but right now I’m focusing on the process of how people actually vote. It’s not a question anymore of if people will vote by mail, it’s how—and then how prepared the states are. In Ame
Columbia Journalism Review1 min gelesen
Brianne Pfannenstiel
Within the Des Moines Register we have a dedicated politics team. Now two-thirds of those reporters are spending their full amount of time covering the coronavirus and its effects throughout the state We found that there is a ton of appetite for coro