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A note from the editor

While Trump delivers his threats in ways that can appear trivial and petty . . . the fallout is deeply consequential.

Months ago, planning this issue and framing our subject as “The Year That Changed Journalism,” we thought we might be accused of hyperbole. Now it’s understatement that has us worried.

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Allen Devlin
We’re staying away from the on-camera, sit-down interview, which is our bread and butter. You go somewhere, meet someone, talk to them, put a camera on a tripod, put a microphone on, and go. That’s your bite. That’s your quote. We’re not doing that n
Columbia Journalism Review1 min gelesen
Layoff Season
For years, the journalism industry has been in financial decline. In March, when the coronavirus pandemic shot through the United States, business imploded. Reporters lost their jobs at an alarming rate; some outlets folded entirely. All through the
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Stories Worth Sharing
DRIVING ACROSS THE BAY Bridge from the San Francisco airport to my childhood home, in East Oakland, I can see cranes moving cargo containers. I get on the 580 freeway, which divides the city. To the west are the Oakland Hills, where the wealthy live;