Keeping the Faith


y spirituality is so individual that I don’t expect anyone to really understand it. I grew up half-Hindu and half-Catholic. When my father was 17, he read and decided he wanted to raise his kids in a faith different from traditional Chrisitianity. My mother was raised Catholic. I was essentially praying to the Virgin Mary, and to Krishna, but I had the ability to navigate through my own spirituality. At 10 years old, I discovered Wicca. My dad was cool, but my mom freaked out. I later found the Self-Realization Fellowship, a religion often called “The Church of All Churches.” It helps you feel peace with whatever you’re going through. My spiritual practices are a part of the way I express my love for life through my body. Now, I’m in a place in my life where I am in love with myself and I can say it. It’s about realizing this is the only temple we

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