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‘I never thought it would happen to me’

“I DIDN’T put two and two together,” says Felice Chilcott of the early signs in 2015 that her six-year-old warmblood gelding Jaguar (Jack) had developed chronic EGS. “He was always

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“I WANT him to go on forever; I need to find the philosopher’s stone that grants eternal life,” said Chloe Marsh, who is now 28 and has had Bertie – officially Oaklawn Gypsy – since she was 14. “He was my first horse, and I had only had one pony befo
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Flies Be Gone
Provides “instant knock-down” and protection against more than 70 species of flies and insects. £29.33 for 946ml Provides protection from biting insects; contains 20% DEET. £16.75 for 500ml This formula contains a
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THE longstanding eventing supporter died suddenly on 15 April, aged 78. Tim was a passionate and knowledgeable advocate of eventing for many years and gave his time to support, advise and promote the sport; including roles with British Eventing (BE),