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At just 27, Esu Lee boasts an impressive portfolio and helms one of the hottest tables in Paris. The South Korean-born, Australian-trained chef’s restaurant C.A.M. is popular with the fashion crowd, like Opening Ceremony’s Carol Lim and Humberto

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Harper's Bazaar Singapore2 min gelesenPopular Culture & Media Studies
It’s A Man’s World
Fashion’s most rarefied realm is getting more inclusive. At the recent spring/summer 2021 Haute Couture Fashion Week, Pierpaolo Piccioli presented a new vision for Valentino—one that’s more focused on quiet beauty than overt opulence; and in a first
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Folklore Spirit
Whether worn as a headband, around the neck or on your bag, a silk scarf adds elegance to any outfit ■
Harper's Bazaar Singapore3 min gelesenPopular Culture & Media Studies
Young At Heart
It’s been an exciting month of firsts for me at the magazine. For one, I’ve never shot someone as young as 65 for the cover—with the added bonus being that she’s a Singaporean woman who’s now enjoying a second career as a model. Diminutive in height—