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Immune from Justice

Hillman hopes officials fix the law soon, given the high stakes: "If prosecutors don’t play by the rules, then the whole system falls apart.”

RIC HILLMAN THOUGHT THE LAW WAS CLEAR WHEN HE DIScovered new evidence that could help the man he was prosecuting in 2014. Then a prosecutor

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Texas Tally
In November, Texas became the first state to pass 1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases. Hospitalizations surged through the fall and winter, particularly in hot spots like El Paso and Lubbock. More than 23,000 Texans had died as of mid-December. The Te
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WITH THE PROMISE OF A COROnavirus vaccine this year, Texas has an opportunity to return not to life as normal, but to a better, more equitable, and more fair place. What that looks like is up to you, to all of us. As journalists, we adhere to ethical
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