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THERE’S a lot of fast food outlets, chic casual cafes and beach bars in Coogee, as you would expect in a beachside suburb, but few venues for serious wine buffs. The Coogee Wine Room has shaken up this laidback scene, yet lives up to its aim to be a community wine destination. Co-owners Tom Hardwick and Michelle Morales were inspired by frequent trips to many of the world’s great wineries and wine regions, and the 400-strong wine list is a testament to their passionate commitment.

The front bar was buzzing when we arrived. We (ex-Chiswick, Paddo Inn and Bentley Bar) greeted us with the hefty, leather-bound wine list in hand. Architects (Bistecca, Indigo Cafe) have created an elegant yet relaxed space of exposed brick walls, concrete floors, rich timbers, marble and leather. A blackened steel staircase leads to an upstairs dining room and sleek lounge tailor-made for dropping by after an ocean swim or work.

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