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Wines are invited from any producer, provided that they meet the criteria of the class being judged. The class may be a regional, style or new release tasting and generally the wines must be available for consumers to purchase, although we have museum and rare wine tastings as

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Winestate Magazine4 min gelesen
Seltzers - The Summer Goldrush Continues
THE beverage industry has always been awash with trends from wine coolers to RTDs. Seltzers have become the new goldrush in the US and Australia for companies big and small. But how long will they retain popularity and how big will the market become?
Winestate Magazine8 min gelesen
OTAGO Central Otago & Waitaki Valley
34 TASTED 34 RECOMMENDED Pinot noir dominated the tasting, which is no surprise, given that the classic red-wine variety of Burgundy accounts for nearly 80% of the region’s vineyard area. But the white wines of Central Otago and the Waitaki Valley (i
Winestate Magazine3 min gelesenRegional & Ethnic
Melbourne Grapevine
MELBOURNE has been quiet. In the midst of our second lockdown the beloved hospitality industry - restaurants, cafes, retailers and bottle shops - all bunkered down for the long haul of Stage 4 restrictions. As we mentioned in the last Grapevine, take