The Role Change

for help for her San Antonio–based, kid-friendly sunscreen company, Supergoop. Being open to ideas, though, she met with lots of people. “I just took all those meetings. Investors wanted to get to know us. We were not obviously raising capital in a formal round at the time,” she says. One of those meetings was with John

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Inc.2 min gelesenPsychology
Getting Straight
A 2019 survey by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that nearly 90 percent of adults with substance use disorders do not get treatment. Covid has exacerbated this problem. Now a number of startups are offering recovery programs th
Inc.8 min gelesenLeadership
Invitation To A Crisis
JONATHAN McBRIDE knows something about how teams behave in a crisis. For five and a half years, he had a ringside seat in the Obama White House as an oil spill swamped the Gulf Coast and an earthquake devastated Haiti; as the H1N1 virus and Ebola thr
Inc.12 min gelesenSmall Business & Entrepreneurs
The New Startup Geography
HIGH ALPHA calls itself a venture studio. That’s a combination incubator, early-stage investor, and startup consultancy. But it might better be called a venture catapult. Last year, the Indianapolis company showed its Midwestern can-do-ness in the mi