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friend of mine, let’s call her Pam, has chronic depression, lost her insurance due to high premiums, and has ultimately turned to other queers online to find—and crowdfunding to —the medication that helps her manage work and family commitments. Pam is just one of the many LGBTQ folks navigating a flawed health care system and their own economic insecurity, while dealing with mental health issues. In , editors Stephanie Schroeder and Teresa Theophano have assembled a groundbreaking collection of works by folks like Pam who

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Kehlani Is On Cloud Nine
Kehlani is a powerhouse all-around. Queer women are the future of music, and no one captures that spirit more than the Oakland, Calif.-born singer-songwriter and mom to a two-year-old child. In the seven years since Kehlani released her debut mixtape
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7 Queer Artists To Transport You
Get lost in the raw power, angst, and soul of Kaleena Zanders. The eclectic pop artist channels EDM, blues, punk, rock, and more in her music, with a striking vulnerability. “Growing up, I’ve hidden behind a facade of not being myself, not being open
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Out Officials At The Party
It’s often been said that people who’ve traditionally been excluded from power want a place at the table — and in President Joe Biden’s administration, LGBTQ+ Americans are finding those places in abundance. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are