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A little over 12 years ago, began noticing there was little resistance to the ever-invasive right-wing rhetoric that uses religion as a weapon to dismantle LGBTQ progress. “Writing is the best thing I do,” he recalls thinking. “It’s my gift. So why not give it to my community?” In 2006, the South Carolina-based McEwen launched the blog , and has since become one of the loudest voices and

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The Advocate2 min gelesenGender Studies
Black Is The New Leadership
KIERRA JOHNSON, a Black bisexual woman, became the LGBTQ Task Force’s executive director in January. She previously served two years as deputy executive director and prior to that served on its board of directors. IMANI RUPERT-GORDON, the Black lesbi
The Advocate4 min gelesenGender Studies
Their Impact Endures
A Puerto Rican-born activist who worked with LGBTQ+ organizations from coast to coast, Carmen Vázquez died January 24 of COVID-19 complications at age 72. She was the founding director of the Women’s Building in San Francisco and helped establish the
The Advocate2 min gelesen
Talkin' About A Revolution
the new coffee-table book from photographer Magnus Hastings celebrates the expanding spectrum of queer identity and visibility in the face of an increasingly hostile and hateful political climate. Rainbow Revolution from Chronicle Books features a st