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Kurt H. Debus

As World War II came to its conclusion in 1945, the United States swiftly moved to perform Operation Paperclip. The aim of the operation was to recruit as many Nazi scientists as possible in anticipation of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. One of the scientists swooped up in this operation would later

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All About Space1 min gelesenAstronomy & Space Sciences
What’s Inside The Gas Planets?
Clouds of ammonia and water are thought to shroud the surfaces of Jupiter and Saturn. Recent results from NASA’s Juno space probe suggest that these ammonia-water clouds can conduct ‘shallow’ lightning and rain slushy Together hydrogen and helium acc
All About Space6 min gelesenChemistry
What’s At The Centre Of Jupiter And Saturn?
Of all the planets in our Solar System, Jupiter and Saturn are perhaps the most mischaracterised. Known as gas giants, many may naturally assume that these two behemoths consist of nothing but gas and clouds to their cores. While it’s true that they
All About Space2 min gelesenAstronomy & Space Sciences
The Hunter’s Hidden Treasures
2020 is almost over – good riddance, many will say – but hopefully December will bring with it some sparkling clear and frosty nights for us to sweep with our telescopes. Obviously we will all swing our reflectors and refractors towards the Orion Neb