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“Little Ice Age Linked to Die-Off in the Americas” (June 2019) explains the abbreviation “CE” as meaning “Christian Era,” ignoring the term’s other meaning, “Common Era.”

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Brilliantly Bogus
Showman P. T. Barnum did not say “There’s a sucker born every minute,” but that miscredited aphorism economically sums up Evelyn Wood and her enterprise, Reading Dynamics. An avatar of “speed reading,” Wood achieved fortune, fame, and infamy. Her bog
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Roadway To Realism
Forging functional constitutional details for the government they were forming, the Founders gave one issue little discussion: virtually all agreed that when a citizen of one state had a legal dispute with a citizen of another state, the party of the
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Explosive Election
Among pivotal American episodes, the 1800 election occupies a central place. That race, labeled by Thomas Jefferson “the Revolution of 1800,” introduced to the world the modern political campaign as well as the peaceful transfer of power in a nation-