American History


Not Necessarily So

Thomas Jefferson’s Republican Party is not the current party bearing that name. but Mr. Jefferson’s party certainly was not the forerunner

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Tinseltown Turnabout
In 1948 a perfect storm of legal troubles and technological change combined with an economic slump to take down Old Hollywood—the storied principality of fiefdoms ruled by men who had started out in the flicker era and which by World War II’s end con
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JFK’s Other Boat
Lieutenant (jg) John F. Kennedy’s wartime heroics as captain of the doomed PT-109 are the stuff. of legend, but later in World War II Kennedy helmed another Patrol Torpedo craft Crews building a seawall on North Cove along the Harlem River off upper
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Top Bid $660,000
A “Strawberry Leaf” cent minted in 1793 sold at Stack’s Bowers Galleries on August 6. The coin, one of four such known to exist, is one of 355 types of “large cent” issued in the United States between 1793 and 1814. The nickname refers to a spray of